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    Review: Limits by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt (Lengths #3)

    Review: Limits by Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhardt (Lengths #3) BookCrack
    Love it or Leave it?

    Summary: Genevieve Rodriguez is less than thrilled when her older brother’s best friend, Deo, runs off and marries Whit, a girl Gen believes doesn't even deserve him. What's worse? Everyone, even her big bro Cohen, thinks it’s just a stupid crush. She’s had a thing for Deo for as far back as she can remember. Freshly heartbroken and downright annoyed, Genevieve, the youngest, rowdiest of the Rodriguez family is also one ‘D’ away from getting kicked out of school. Her only hope of passing --her quiet, nerdy tutor, Adam--who would rather stare at lab charts than bother to notice the bustier top so sexy, it turned the head of every guy in a five-mile radius. When Adam's residency status is in danger, a flirty joke becomes a challenge for Gen. And while Adam may not notice a perfect bustier, he can’t resist a good argument....Good thing Genevieve has been arguing to get exactly what she wants her entire life.


    Smexy Sweet

    Great news! Those of you who loved Genevieve from Steph Campbell and Liz Reinhart’s first two books in the LENGTHS series, LENGTHS and DEPTHS (review) will love LIMITS. And, even better?  For those of you who wished Cohen’s bratty little sister would just go away; this book is for you, too.

    LIMITS serves up some serious character growth with your romance—what’s not to love about that?

    NOTE: This is the third book in the LENGTHS companion series. You do not have to read the previous two books to follow along with this story; however, the characters do overlap in each book.

    Personally, I think Genevieve is one of the most interesting siblings of the Rodriquez clan—other than Cohen of course (swoon)—so I was all over her book. Genevieve has had a crush on her older brother’s best friend, Deo, for as long as she can remember, but her chances are less than zero at this point. On top of all that, Genevieve feels like she’s stuck waiting for her life to begin. She’s one bad grade from flunking out of college and can’t get anyone to take her seriously.

    Enter Adam, her nerdy (and hot) tutor. Sure, Adam is a scientist and misses Genevieve’s attempts to flirt because his nose is stuck in lab reports, but we don’t get a stereotype here. I have it on good authority that there are scientists who enjoy social situations and are even smoking hot, and I was pleased to discover this writing duo got the same memo as I did! Adam is perfectly capable of flirting, once he clues in to what’s going outside the lab.

    Add Adam to the list of well-developed characters in this series.

    Steph-Campbell-lengths-depths-book-cover-erotica-romance-bookcrackHe’s intelligent and logical, strong, but with vulnerabilities. Adam moved to the United States from Israel for his Ph.D, and the stress from his thesis mixed with being on his own for so long has started to catch up to him. They’ve had a crush on each other since Adam became her tutor, but Adam can’t get out his own head long enough to notice the feeling might just be mutual. There’s a scene where she brings him homemade cupcakes to their tutoring session, and he talks himself out of thinking they mean Genevieve is flirting with him. Really, Adam, really?!  And Genevieve’s failure to launch extends into making a move on her sexy science tutor.

    I’ve said this before about this series, but I feel like I know these characters, and it’s because they are dealing with issues everyone struggles with. We get to see character growth and a satisfying resolution without any magical cure-all to everyone’s problems. Take Genevieve, for example, since LIMITS is her book and all, her problems with school and her family stem from how she perceives herself. She doesn’t know how to move past the little sister, party girl reputation she has, but Adam sees what she’s capable of from the beginning and encourages her to live up to a higher standard.

    I loved that Adam wasn’t afraid to give her a dose of tough love.

    LENGTHS DEPTHS LIMITSGenevieve reciprocates by giving Adam the support that he’s been missing. Their opposite personalities create the shakeup they both need to get moving in their lives. I felt invested in Genevieve and Adam’s love story because they believe in one another from the get-go. It’s fun to see how Genevieve and Adam’s relationship evolves as they grow more comfortable around each other. Young couples and new couples will have some awkwardness at the beginning of their relationship no matter how in love they are or how much they want to rip each other’s clothes off. They’re also going to fight about dishes in the sink and if they should go out or stay in on Saturday. I like that Adam and Genevieve deal with real couple problems and learn what it’s going to take to keep a relationship alive. It’s messy and real, with plenty of sweet, sexy moments thrown in as well.

    I was also happy to see that Adam is not shy all the time. If you catch my drift.  In real life, people rarely act one way all the time, so naturally Adam (and all the characters in the series) don’t fit into neat little boxes. This is definitely New Adult, not erotica. You can expect not to see Gideon Cross-esque details, but Adam, much like Deo and Cohen, says these flirty, direct one liners that will have blushing and fanning yourself with your e-reader.

    At the risk of sounding like a fangirl, I love this series so freaking much.

    If you’re looking for a character-driven story set in California, give LIMITS a try. Preferably at a beach. With an umbrella drink. Bonus points if you can find an Adam-look-a-like to rub sunscreen on your back.

    Favorite quotes:

    Sometimes, I tell myself bullshit just to see if my brain will buy it and believe. It almost never works, and this time is no exception.

    The way he dresses is all neat and nerdy professor, but the way he smells? It’s this wild mix of cologne and something I can’t put my finger on. Something that smells like leaning too far over the side of bridge feels. Or the way an ocean sounds when it crashes during a storm.


    LIMITS. Campbell.Reinhardt COVERFOUR stars for smexy.

    FIVE stars for love it or leave it.

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    B & N

    ~Our thanks to the authors for this book which we received in exchange for a fair review. 🙂 (Side note from Tina—>Kelley devoured this book the minute it landed on her e-reader…I was on “holiday” from Bc; therefore, it HAD to be our first review post-summer!)

    Happy Reading xo,


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