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    Owning Violet by Monica Murphy

    “Wreck me, Ryder. Tear me apart and put me back together again in the way only you know how. Make me feel safe.”

    Owning Violet, the first book in a new series by NY Times and USA Today One Week Girlfriend series best selling author Monica Murphy, follows the lives of three sisters who are the heirs of a top-cosmetics company, Fleur. These three New York socialites are on the cusp of major discoveries and Violet, Lily, and Rose have an interesting dynamic. The series begins with Violet, the penultimate middle child. She’s used to being the calm, nurturing sister who works as a buffer between the more chaotic Lily and strong-willed Rose. Violet has been through some rough patches and she starts her story as, dare I say, a doormat. She lets everyone walk all over her, especially her awful boyfriend Zachary. I really hoped she would get a backbone and, to my surprise, she did! She quickly starts throwing her weight around when she starts a dalliance with Ryder, a fellow exec at Fleur Cosmetics. 

    “You’re feeling rather bold.”

    “I’m tired of being meek.”

    Ryder helps unleash a side of Violet that is strong, dominant and wild. Usually, I’m not a fan of books where characters change for their hero but,  Ryder was only a catalyst for Violet. It had been simmering below the surface for a while and, he was the drive to finally set it off. That was my favorite element of the story, Violet really became a great heroine.

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    Release date: Dec. 2, 2014

    Source: ARC received in exch. for fair review.

    Bc Rating: 3.5-4.00 stars

    Publisher: Bantam/Random House (The Fowler Sisters Trilogy #1 )

    Ryder, the bad boy of the story, has a background masked in shadows. Much of his past is not known and as each layer is revealed, you understand the complexity of his personality.


    I’ve moved through life doing what’s expected of me. I’m the middle daughter, the dutiful daughter. The one who braved a vicious attack and won. The one who devoted herself to her family’s cosmetics empire. The one who met an ambitious man and fell in love. We were going to run Fleur Cosmetics together, Zachary and I.

    Until he got a promotion and left me in the dust. Maybe it’s for the best, between his disloyalty and his wandering eye. But another man was waiting for me. Wanting me. He too has an overwhelming thirst for success, just like Zachary—perhaps even more so. He’s also ruthless. And mysterious. I know nothing about Ryder McKay beyond that he makes me feel things I’ve never experienced before.

    One stolen moment, a kiss, a touch . . . and I’m hooked. Ryder’s like a powerful drug and I’m an addict who doesn’t want to be cured. He tells me his intentions aren’t pure and I believe him. For once I don’t care. I’m willing to risk everything just to be with him. Including my heart. My soul.

    My everything.

    Murphy excels in making palpable characters, especially the villains of her story, like Pilar. I want to shake her. I really hope we see someone take her down. I can’t stand her evil, conniving ways and the relationship between her and Ryder gave me some serious Cruel Intentions-vibes.

    stealing_roseI would have liked to see more development of the emotional relationship between Ryder and Violet. This is an extremely hot book with a lot of sexual tension and finally, really hot sex.The physical aspect of their relationship is red-hot, but I found it lacking in their emotional connectivity. This book sets up for the next in the series, Stealing Rose, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen NEXT!

    Owning Violet is a 3.5 to 4 STAR Love it or Leave it? read for me.

    I highly recommend it for fans of Murhpy’s One Week Girlfriend series, and authors Emma Chase, Katy Evans (reviews) and Christina Lauren! (reviews)

    We’ll be on the look out for books 2 Stealing Rose (March 2015) and  3 Taming Lily (July 2015) in 2015!

    Happy reading xo


    Owning Violet by Monica Murphy BookCrack
    Love it or Leave it?

    Summary: New York Times bestselling author Monica Murphy begins a sexy new contemporary romance series—perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Emma Chase—that introduces three sisters born to wealth, raised to succeed, ready to love, destined to make waves.


    Smexy new series!

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