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    What We’re Reading: 2.0 Racy, Controversial, Honest and Smexy it’s Diary of a Submissive

    Dear BC Diary, We have a confession to make. It’s almost Banned Book Week in America.

    –You know, silly, the week where librarians, book sellers and readers celebrate the multitude of fantastic previously banned and challenged books we love? Books like YA best sellers Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games, classics like The Great Gatsby, The Catcher In the Rye and of course smexier and more controversial reads like Go Ask Alice and The Story of O.

    It’s coming up real soon. This week in fact. But that’s not what we wanted to tell you. You see, we have another  confession to make–a big one.

    We’ve been bad girls lately. And, we’ve read a lot of smexy books.

    We’ve indulged in books with titles that we know could very easily be challenged and hoisted up onto Banned Book banners ASAP if those watchdog groups caught sight of them sitting on library shelves, challenging them because they were paid for with public, government funds. Yes, that’s democracy in action. No matter how much we love our smexy reads, and the librarians defend our right to read them, many of today’s best selling books are challenged each week. Which is crazy, right Diary?

    It’s so scary to know that even though these wonderful, best-selling books– Fifty Shades of Grey, Bared to You, Gabriel’s Inferno, Because You Are Mine, Seduced in the Dark, and On Dublin Street are currently selling like dozens of warm glazed donuts while the HOT sign is on– in airports and bookstores a plenty and written by talented authors–that they each could have been GASP *library whisper voice* banned for their smexyness. 

    Our e-readers and online retailers are shivering at the thought. Banned for being smexy. Hiding eyes.

    Oh Diary, there are just so many books we could read or re-read in honor of the 30th anniversary of Banned Books Week this coming week (Sunday, Sept. 30- Saturday, Oct. 6th). Late night reads, Smexy reads, or even favorite, smexy, late night reads. 

    We have decided, being the naughty girls we are, to read and review another book, a new book, a non fiction, tell-all book that we know would surely be banned in a different time...or any day now if someone were brave enough to have put it in our local libraries in the near future. Or at least at Tina’s county library system as she lives in Florida and they seem to like to challenge and ban a great many things. 

    Oh Diary, how we love our e-readers, our online book buying capabilities and even retailers like Target and WalFart, but most of all, we love being able to be free to enjoy it all.

    So it’s in this spirit that we chose…

    Ms. Sophie Morgan’s erotic tell-all DIARY OF A SUBMISSIVE 

    Yes, Diary, we are reading and reviewing a tell-all Diary of Sophie’s quest to find her ‘Christian Grey’ and some of the most major sexual experiences of her life. We promise to confess our take on this racy, controversial, funny, honest and smexy read in daily entries with you, dear Diary. All this week.

    We’ll even throw in a spectacularly telling, funny, and yes, cheeky guest blog by the book’s kinky D/s mistress herself, Ms. Sophie Morgan. Perhaps even a free book giveaway when we are through.

    We know we can get wordy.

    We promise to try not to be.

    But we can tell just from the prologue that we’re in for a wild ride of smexy BDSM proportions.

    Here’s a quick taste of what we can share:

    “…We look like any other couple on a night out, neither unusually dressed nor especially loud, not even remarkable in our unremarkableness. But there’s an intensity, something brewing between us that stops you short, making you look…His hand is clenched around my upper arm in a grip so visibly tight even from this distance that you wonder fleetingly if it’s going to bruise. He has me pushed up against the wall, his other hand tangled in my hair and holding me in place, so when I try and look away–for help?–I can’t…I can’t take my eyes off him, and the obvious depth of my awe means for a second you can’t either…You can’t hear me. But you can hear him. “Louder.” I’m blushing now. There are tears in my eyes, but you can’t tell if they are of anguish or fury…He starts to speak, and the tone of his voice makes you restrain the urge to shiver, too. “That almost sounded like begging…”

    We’ll let Sophie Morgan’s DIARY OF A SUBMISSIVE do most of the talking. (We’re not an NC-17 site but we’ll share what we can.)


    Can’t wait.

    Love xo

    The BC Gals

    What the BC Gals Are Reading this week:

    DIARY OF A SUBMISSIVE by Sophie Morgan Think Fifty meets Bridget Jones meets…oh just pop in more this week!

    ON DUBLIN STREET by Samantha Young (A STEAL at $3.99)<——- BRADEN! Ever since our friends on twitter told us about this book we’ve been all a flutter! Seriously. Braden’s a funny, sexy alpha. A dominating Scottish businessman (we love our Brits of all isles) who won’t let Joss, an understandably scared young woman who’s run from terrible loss to pass up on HIM and what he knows would be the best sex and strongest relationship of their lives. YUM!

    SEDUCED IN THE DARK by C.J. Roberts -Seriously dark and smexy follow up to Captive in the Dark. Not for the faint of heart!

    MY LIEGE OF DARK HAVEN by Cherise Sinclair -More in the Shadowlands chronicles. BDSM with a caring dom. Recommended by Facebook fans.

    BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE  Part VIII by Beth Kery (REVIEW) (INTERVIEW) Currently a series. Each 55 pg installment is $1.99. For e-readers only. Soon to be released as a complete book. We’ll keep you posted.

    LOVE UNREHEARSED by Tina Reber -Highly anticipated Book 2 of Love Unscripted. (REVIEW of LU1)


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