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    Review: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day

    Review: Reflected in You by Sylvia Day BookCrack
    Love it or Leave it?



    What a seriously smexy read! REFLECTED IN YOU is a complete train wreck and we wouldn’t have it any other way! From page one we were ALL sucked right back into the vortex of the dysfunctional love story that is Eva and Gideon. Instantly.

    If you read Chapter One, which we posted here, you know exactly what we mean. Just like Entertainment Weekly pointed out in this month’s issue, the Crossfire series is the closest thing we can get to Fifty Shades, but with a whole lot more therapy and a lot less tenderness. You read that right; Eva and Gideon are BOTH two very messed up smexy-fiends with ISSUES. BIG ONES that boil down to the fact that both the hero AND heroine of our love story are trying to recover from a form of sexual abuse, both act out and use sex as a form of communication and at the end of BARED TO YOU (beginning of REFLECTED) we still don’t know the specifics of the demons Gideon is trying to outrun. Or out-screw, honestly, in every mode of transportation possible.

    And we love it! Or just him, actually. Hot mess, possessive, secretive, and tiny-bit insecure billionaire and all. Perfect late night read!

    What can we say that you won’t have already heard (from us) and others throughout the blog-o-sphere? It’s Sylvia Day. It’s Gideon Cross. Seriously? OMG. Oh My Gideon!

    We’ll try.

    REFLECTED IN YOU by Sylvia Day has been #1 at the very tip-top of our smexyreads TBR list for months now.

    Some of us got the title early via NetGalley from Berkley for review, most of the BC Gals waited til Crosstober began and devoured this book beginning at 12:00 midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning.

    Trust us…it’s been sooo hard not to talk about it!

    And, it’s been a L-O-N-G time since we’ve had so many fellow BookJunkies this excited about a book. It’s been awesome. I know I’ve been asked about it at work, at the gym and others have been talking it up at the salon and online for weeks now. I have even been hit up from family for a sneak peek on my e-reader. Just insane. But all good fun. No, I didn’t cave!

    Since its release on Tues., Oct. 2nd I’ve had several texts from gal pals shouting with glee “I just bought it!” and “Gideon. On my Kindle/Nook! Can’t wait to get started!” or “Just downloaded Reflected! Can’t wait! Now if only my kids would GO TO BED!”

    My phone chimed off and on all night Tuesday and Wednesday night. REFLECTED hasn’t even been out for an entire week. O.o

    For those unfamiliar with REFLECTED or BARED TO YOU, Book 1 in Sylvia Day’s erotic romance bestselling Crossfire trilogy, this would all sound a lot like Twilight mania. You’d be right. Except it’s more like Fifty Shades for those of us who read it over a year ago and had to wait for books 2 and 3 to be available when E. L. James got a new publisher.

    This series? It has been in the top 5 best seller lists with Amazon, New York Times, USA TODAY since BARED TO YOU’s release this spring and for the first time since March…

    REFLECTED IN YOU just knocked Fifty Shades out of first place on the Amazon romance best seller list!

    Shocking, right? Congrats Sylvia Day!

    So what can we say about REFLECTED IN YOU and not be too spoilery?

    As we all dove into REFLECTED, what concerned us most about the train wreck that is Eva Tramell and Gideon Cross was our collective fear that Eva and Gideon’s personal demons would be the major force that continued to help perpetuate their romantic conflict without further significant plot development. Not that an author of Day’s caliber would allow that, but the potential was there and that’s what a lot of fellow readers feared as well.  Then there’s the other fear that once they got the therapy they both SERIOUSLY needed the story would unravel.

    So far this hasn’t been a plot driven story, but more of an intense look into a serious roller coaster of  a F-d’ up relationship with character driven intensity and awesome sex. It’s a fact that their F-d-upedness makes for some hotter than hell sex; the collective BC Gals fear was that if things didn’t get handled correctly in book 2 it was going to feel unnatural and forced drama. Soap Opera-ish, if you know what I mean? Especially because while we knew Eva’s hang ups, insecurity and horrible past, Gideon’s sexual abuse was largely unexplained. What we did know? SPOILERY: That Gideon had night terrors that caused him to nearly rape Eva in her sleep. A woman who suffered repeat attacks at the hands of a relative in her childhood.

    Match meet powder-keg.

    No chance for stability here. Add in Gideon’s parade of stunning, conniving exes and his penchant for secrecy and possessiveness and these two are just always worked up or consumed by something, even when it’s not each other.

    What we liked besides the obvious and without the spoilers?

    We liked that they DO try to work things out and Eva starts confronting Gideon on his many issues and confesses her feelings about them and her own hang-ups without pulling the “less empowered heroine” card. Even though they both continued to behave badly (It’s no fun if they don’t!) it was nice to see Eva start dealing with her problems head on. Gideon, on the other hand, just spirals into a bigger pattern of denial and torment and he’s so secretive I was left with almost as many questions about him as I started with.

    Did we get answers? YES. Is REFLECTED IN YOU a train-wreck of crazy-messy-smexy dysfunctional proportions? Abso-fricken-lutely. And we LOVED IT. And yes, I’m already on-board for the finale ENTWINED WITH YOU when it releases Dec. 31, 2012.

    What can we say? The BC Gals are just too happy ride the Gideon Cross express crazy as it is… 5 enthusiastic STARS!



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