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    Review: Captive in the Dark by C. J. Roberts is a Top Ten Smexy Read of 2012!

    Review: Captive in the Dark by C. J. Roberts is a Top Ten Smexy Read of 2012! BookCrack

    Dangerously Smexy!

    Love it or Leave it?



    You’ve seen the giveaways. If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ve seen our convos with C.J. Roberts, the author of a very controversial erotic romance (really it leans more towards erotica so would it be…romantica?), CAPTIVE IN THE DARK.

    Erotic Romance? Erotica? Romantica? What is it?

    Maybe C.J. will tell us when we interview her next week. What matters here is this: I’ve held back on this review. A book with just the hint of sexual slavery, even consensual usually sends me the other way. Cherise Sinclair’s Club Shadowlands BDSM novels are about my limit. So, I just couldn’t put my thoughts into words effectively and my partners here at Bc have been complete and utter chicken shits when it comes to this series.

    Yes, I am calling them out on it. We need some more fearless reviewers at Bc. 

    We’ve all had a good laugh about how they’ve whispered about their reader guilt and secretly gushed. Then life and Hurricane Sandy bust in and both the reviews and interview got lost in the shuffle.

    I’m totally poking fun at the Bc Gals and they know it. It’s all good fun, after all, C. J. Roberts’ series is perhaps the darkest romance I’ve ever read without really meaning to. Yes, even more so than the Queen of Kink Ms. Tiffany Riesz.

    Okay, so meant to read it. And I loved it. And felt kinda bad about it. Still do. I was just as captivated by this book as Livvie was with her captor. Seriously.

    Falling for the bad guy turned hero-

    While I’m no stranger for falling for the “bad guy” (So totally do it. All the time. Loki, Bane…you get the picture.)

    The, um, stalkerish sex angle of CAPTIVE,  the fact that Livvie is just-a-hair’s-breadth-away from being too young to be captured and the prospect of the story’s hero training her to be a sex slave for what he sees as a necessary, noble cause (ultimate revenge)…gulp.

    Is it kinky? Yes. But what got to me even more…was the white space between dialogue. When I held my breath. Waiting. Hoping.

    And most of all when there was silence.

    I was right there with Livvie begging Caleb to be the man I so desparately wanted him to be knowing full well with the hell he’d lived through that it was beyond him. And I still wanted it anyway.

    This series got under my skin, all the Bc Gals that were adventurous enough to give it a read agree, it does in a big, BIG way. I even found myself tweeting fellow authors like ONE PINK LINE’s Dina Silver about it. She said it right, “I’m reading Captive in the Dark and can’t help but feel guilty…in a good way.”

    We know, right?

    I knew there was a lot more to the story of Caleb and Livvie than meets the eye. First, the tale of how Livvie came to be with Caleb had me mesmerized. Regardless of how I felt about the reality of what was happening, I Could. Not. Put. This. Down.

    Then, as the story unraveled further, Caleb’s story gripped me by the throat and wouldn’t let go. Could I forgive his current “situation” based on his motivations and past?

    “I wrapped my arms around him and held on as hard as I could. He was my tormentor and my solace: the creator of the dark and the light within. I didn’t care that he would undoubtedly hurt me at any moment, right now; I just needed somebody to hold me… To tell me these exact words. Its going to be okay. It wasn’t of course, I knew that. But I didn’t care, I needed the lie.”

    -C.J. Roberts, Captive in the Dark

    Every step of the way I felt just a little dirty and empathized with Livvie/Olivia’s terror turned attraction. This book grabs you and doesn’t let go. Roberts does a hell of a job making it that way and she should be commended. More than once I looked over my shoulder to my sleeping hubby and wondered…hell if I was having trouble with/enjoying this book was C.J. looking over her shoulder too while she was writing it?!? Sheesh.

    When Livvie’s villain turned hero, Caleb, her captor, slowly begins to seduce her and she senses that his own barriers are coming down..oh OH! He does this all without taking her um, full “virtue” I realized this book went waaaay beyond hints of BDSM and erotic romance. And then when I couldn’t put the damn thing down and I was like half hyperventilating and majorly sleep deprived I learned of Caleb’s own tale of questionable consent (that’s all I’m gonna say to avoid spoilery but OMFG)…his heartbreaking past !!! GAH!! I found I had Stockholm syndrome right along with her. It was a mind-f*ck of epic proportions. By the time I finished I was a book zombie and knew that what I’d just experienced was far too complicated a story to be erotica. But what the hell was it?

    I still don’t know. I just know that for me, it’s one of the top smexy series of 2012. Judging by the fact that her fans successfully wrote her in and then successfully got book 2 SEDUCED IN THE DARK almost to the semi-finales of the Goodreads 2012 Romance of the Year contest I’m not alone in my passion for this brave author and her series.

    Captive in the Dark is not for the faint of heart.

    For the rest of us—->CAPTIVE IN THE DARK was un-put-down-able.

    Most of us had, as author Dina Silver wrote on Goodreads, “black shit running down our faces at times” and all of us will admit to puffy eyes the next day after reading almost all night under the cover of darkness.

    Yep, this is that kind of honest review.

    But, I won’t tell you which parts set up the waterworks. And SEDUCED was even WORSE. I mean that in the BEST. Possible. Way.

    The idea of questionable consent initially made me squeamish and the book definitely had me blushing in parts, but as Caleb and Livvie’s pasts and possible future HEA became clearer and clearer I don’t think I’ve ever done such an about face about being on the fence to singing the praises of a book in years, and never one like this that I can remember.

    5 STARS for Smexyness (5+++++)

    5 STARS for LOVE it or Leave it

    Congrats to CAPTIVE IN THE DARK for being only 1 of 2 Erotic Romances of 2012 to hit a solid 5 STAR review!

    Check back later this week for Part 2 and our review of book 2 SEDUCED IN THE DARK and we can’t wait to reveal what author C.J. Roberts has in the works for us!!



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