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    Review: Addicted to You by Bethany Kane (Beth Kery) is a Smexy fave!

    Review: Addicted to You by Bethany Kane (Beth Kery) is a Smexy fave! BookCrack
    Love it or Leave it?

    Summary: Rill Pierce is a whole lot of repressed, grief stricken alpha and we LOVE him. A brilliant writer and Hollywood producer Rill's taken to a remote cabin in the woods, whiskey in hand, to escape the trauma of a dead wife who harbored more than one secret from her often absent husband, but he can’t escape the self loathing he brings with him. Katie Hughes hasn't only lost one best friend but two and while she couldn't save Eden she'll be damned if she doesn't try to save Rill from himself. What neither of them expects is for one night of passion to reveal a longing neither of them can control...


    Holy Hotness!

    ADDICTED TO YOU by Bethany Kane (Beth Kery) has a new, tamer cover but don’t be fooled my smexy lovin’ friends; it’s still one of the smexy-est erotic romances we read in 2012! This one was so much fun it made it on to our BEST Romance Books of 2012 list and made my winter break a very merry one indeed!

    Friends to lovers romances are usually not my favorite contemporary relationship journey. It ranks just below the progression of a “I hate you- to- I think I love you” as far as meet-ups go. This is for me. Not all the Bc Gals. Yes, I even feel this way with Erotic Romances.

    What can I say to defend this properly?

    I love the anticipation and realization of ‘Wow’ that comes from feeling each of character’s initial attraction to the other that happens when they are “unknown” and we get to experience this right along with them and the fear and anticipation. I love the whole range of scenarios that are creatively possible when I get to read just what brought them together as strangers and made them so bold or reckless or helpless against acting on their attraction. Are they bold about it or aren’t they? Does friends to lovers really have the same type of strong emotional reveal?

    Yes and No.

    Can all that stuff I just said happen with friends? Sure, but the baggage and the stakes are different. I don’t love the  “I don’t want to lose my friend” aspect. It’s just so real and there’s no big leap of faith or moment where we suspend our disbelief. We’ve all been there and done that. Maybe that’s why it’s not a “go-to” smexy theme for me. I like it when the stakes are higher and the questions are tougher: Why shouldn’t they be together? Is it forbidden? With a friend? Meh…sometimes. But when the coupling in question has a forbidden tone

    Me likey. Me likey a lot.

    When it’s a clear cut ‘No-No’ I sometimes bend my rules. Still, it never ceases to amaze me when an author can hook me in just one or two chapters with this line of storytelling and get me so invested. I go into this plot with a ‘Okay make me like this…I dare ya’ attitude and like most people, usually there has to be one heck of a set of problems or an immediate connection to one or both of the characters to keep me committed.

    And it never hurts to throw in some well placed monkey sex while we’re there.

    Beth Kery is one of those authors that never fails to hook me psychologically or in the smexy department. ADDICTED TO YOU made its way onto our Best of 2012 Romance Books list and surprise, surprise its a -GASP!- friends to lovers story. I’m not too proud to tell ya that one thing I loved  was the crap-ton of awesome, descriptive erotic romance style sex. The opening scene alone made it  one of those stories I-could-not- put-down. -Until like the characters I needed to come up for air. Don’t be too quick to judge cause now the Gals are all ADDICTED too.

    Cause if you’re gonna read/write a “friends to lovers” romance…ADDICTED TO YOU by Bethany Kane is the way to do it!

    It doesn’t hurt ONE BIT that Rill Pierce is an Irish alpha who’s repressed his true lustful, sexual dominant nature in shame and we find him living in the woods after retreating from Hollywood and finding companionship in a bottle of Jack to numb a devastating loss and an even more painful secret.

    Suffering hero in need + Irish hottie + Sexual healing= DING, ding, ding! Winner!

    All kidding aside, Kery recently published a blog post discussing this friends to lovers trope and what she imagines is its appeal for readers and writers. She does such justice to the appeal of Rill and Katie’s relationship that and we couldn’t agree more:

    “For me, that’s the appeal of the friends to lovers romance. It’s a risky adventure told in terms of a relationship versus a map. All the while, a little question always hovers in the reader’s mind. Will they make it? Or will their longing for that old, familiar territory of a secure friendship make them falter on their path?”

    (Okay, we were thinking OH HELL NO there’s no going back! Especially NOT after outdoor swing sex!?!?)


    Beth goes on to describe their journey like this:

    “Rill and Katie in ADDICTED TO YOU, are two such travelers. Katie has known Rill for years as her brother Everett’s best friend. As an Irishman, Rill is a stranger in a strange land when he first comes to the UCLA to attend film school. Katie’s family takes him in with open arms. A young Katie acquires a serious crush on the brilliant young man with the easy charm and raw sexuality. Years later, when Rill begins to court her college roommate, Eden, Katie’s chances of ever forging a romantic link to Rill diminish even farther. Katie is glad to accept friendship with Rill, however. Friendship is a wonderful thing, after all. It’s the fear of sacrificing friendship that makes couples hesitate and doubt the journey to romance. [All of this is revealed later after Katie has already landed on Rill’s doorstep uninvited.]

    For Rill, there’s a ton of reasons he always held himself back romantically from Katie. Because of a dysfunctional childhood, Rill strives for control above all else in the arena of love and sex. Katie is that which cannot be controlled all tied up into one package. She’s a gypsy in designer jeans, a whirlwind with a heart of gold who is loyal to the bone. When Eden dies and Rill learns a heart-wrenching secret about his wife, he begins to fall apart. He’d been one of the most talented and respected film directors and screenplay writers alive, but one day he forsook everything. He got off a plane in a strange city and holed up in tiny, quirky Vulture’s Canyon.

    [At the onset of ADDICTED], Katie [has driven] across the country with one mission in mind: to save Rill. Here’s where the altered circumstances, volatile emotions and unquestioning loyalty and love come into play. Here, we have all the ingredients for two friends to be thrown on that thrilling, dangerous path of friends to lovers.” ~Beth Kery

    And holy Christ on a cracker does this book ever start with a BANG. In an effort not to be too spoilery I’ll let the blurb dance around this one:

    All it takes is a moment for your life to change—one night of desire to make you feel alive…

    Irish film director Rill Pierce fled to the tiny, backwoods town of Vulture ‘s Canyon, seeking sanctuary and solitude after a devastating tragedy. Once, his raw sex appeal and sultry Irish accent made women across the globe swoon. Now, he’s barely recognizable…

    But Katie Hughes, his best friend’s sister, is not the type of woman to give up on a man like Rill. She blazes into Vulture’s Canyon determined to save him from himself. Instead, she finds herself unleashing years of pent-up passion. In a storm of hunger and need, Katie and Rill forget themselves and the world. But will Rill’s insatiable attraction to Katie heal his pain—or will it just feed the darkness within him?

    Again, what can I say? It’s the “what have you done to me?” mystique and the FORBIDDEN lust/relationship aspect that gets me (friends or not) every.damn.time.

    ADDICTED TO YOU is the first novel in the “One night of Passion” series available in ebook and paperback on Amazon, which also has 2 novellas CAPTURED BY YOU and BOUND TO YOU . Book 2  in the series recently released and also made  our 2012 BEST Romance book picks, the delicious erotic romance—->EXPOSED TO YOU.

    So, how about you? Do you like “Friends to Lovers” stories?

    ~Got any smexy suggestions?


    Happy Reading xo

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