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    Anti Heroes: 10 Not-Heroes I Love in Books & Film By Sharp Author Alex Hughes

    10 Not-Heroes I Love in Books & Film

    by Alex Hughes

    imagesAs most of you know, I’m a huge fan of atypical heroes and anti-heroes. There’s something we love about rooting for the underdog and the men and women with flaws. Here’s a quick list of ten heroes-who-aren’t-quite-heroes I love from books and film–in no particular order, with apologies to the countless amazing antiheroes I’ve left out.

    10. Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson’s character) from the first Lethal Weapon. Sure, he’s a cop going crazy with a mean death wish. Sure, he doesn’t like working with people. But he and his partner will have to figure it out in order to stop a gang of drug smugglers. And there’s a lot of explosions and action along the way.

    9. Tony Giodone from Hunter’s Moon by C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp. Mafia hitman who gets bitten by a werewolf during a job. His latest client just hired him to kill her–but while they’re working out details, she finds out he’s a werewolf and everything changes. Tony likes killing people for a living, and he’s really, really good at it. He’s clever, he’s interesting, and he’s not always a nice person. He’s also a lot of fun to root for, and a soft touch when it comes to romance.

    8. The title character from TV’s House. Grumpy and sometimes outright mean, House has no bedside manner–which you’d think would be the end of him as a doctor. But his clever diagnoses save his bacon repeatedly, even as he fights a prescription drug addiction. You may hate him along the way, but it’s a hell of a lot of fun to watch it all happen.

    7. Merricat Blackwood from We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson. She seems to be a perfectly normal girl who lives at home with her sister and uncle. But not long ago there were four other family members, now dead after arsenic found its way into the sugar bowl. When their cousin shows up, the truth about the past resurfaces in an awesome and creepy way.

    6. Leonard (the main character) from the movie Memento. A guy suffering from memory loss tries to find his wife’s killer using notes and tattoes he leaves himself as reminders. I hesitate to say more, because this one has to be seen with no preconceptions, but it’s brilliant, and he as a character is brilliant too. If you missed it the first time around, go back and re-watch.

    5. Darien Fawkes from the early 2000s Scifi Channel’s The Invisible Man. He’s a thief and a con man who agrees to be experimented on in exchange for his freedom. The experiments work, and he can turn invisible, but he’s dependent on a drug to keep him sane and the government has the only formulation of that drug locked up tight. So now he’s a secret agent… if he can stay alive long enough. The series has some amazing lighthearted moments and a swagger that I love to watch.

    images-54. Dexter in Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the book that launched a TV and a book series. A serial killer who only hunts other serial killers, Dexter has a strong sense of moral fiber you love him for–but make no mistake, he’s a dangerous killer who loves the chase. The first book is astonishingly well done and stops…. just… before the really awful stuff happens. But you know it’s happening, and that’s the creepiest part of all.

    3. The narrator from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Tell-Tale Heart. If you ever want to taste what madness feels like in fiction, read this story. The narrator is no one’s hero, but try as you might, you can’t stop reading.

    2. Riddick from Pitch Black. A criminal and killer is released when the transport ship crashes on a hostile alien planet. When monsters appear at the fall of night, he might be their only chance for survival. He’s not a good person, but he operates consistently by his own set of rules, and he’s competent and a survivor against the monsters. You love to hate him, and hate to love him all at once.

    1. Sherlock Holmes in all his iterations, including the recent Sherlock from BBC and the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle stories. What list would be complete without the brilliant, cocaine addicted, anti-social, messy, scientific experimenting, deductive reasoning detective extraordinaire? There’s a reason we keep remaking this character and these stories. He captures our imagination over and over again.

    What about you, dear readers? Who are some of your favorite anti-heroes? I’d be particularly interested in your favorite female anti-heroes–I realized as I’m going back through my list that it’s a little light on the femme fatales. We must expand our horizons 🙂

    Thanks for having me on BookCrack and letting me share.

    Ahh, Sherlock. Can’t disagree there. Shhh. If you follow us on Pinterest then you know that as much as we love our smexy romances we ALSO love to satisfy our inner Geek Gal, as well. You can see the proof here. In the meantime,  I just finished Beth Kery’s latest smexy series and I’m elbow deep into SHARP so be sure to check back this week for an excerpt, giveaway, and our up coming review.

    In the meantime here’s a blurb from SHARP fellow Geek Gal fans!




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    And I might not even be an interrogator for much longer. Our boss says unless I pull out a miracle, I’ll be gone before Christmas. I need this job, damn it. It’s the only thing keeping me sane.

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    Alex Hughes’ books are available at the following retailers:

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    images-1About Alex Hughes:

    Alex has written since early childhood, and loves great stories in any form including scifi, fantasy, and mystery. Over the years, she has lived in many neighborhoods of the sprawling metro Atlanta area, including Decatur, the neighborhood on which Clean is centered. Her work is dark, complex, action-filled and a little funny. Her Mindspace Investigations series has been called “A fun blend of Chinatown and Blade Runner” by James Knapp, and Publisher’s Weekly called her “a writer to watch.”

    When not writing you can find Alex in the kitchen cooking gourmet Italian food, watching hours of police procedural dramas, and humming to delightfully obscure music.

    Learn more about Alex and her work at or her blog and be sure to follow her at:





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